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Finding Connection Through Loss

Client  Libraries Unlimited

Project Coordinator  Emily Macaulay

Exhibition  Okehampton Library 

                  Paignton Library

I worked with Libraries Unlimited to document Hugh Nankivell and Amy Shelton’s projects for Finding Connection through Loss in Devon. My approach was to create reportage drawings on location, capturing the moment and the atmosphere, combining this with quotes of conversations going on around her and song lyrics.


Using reportage drawing to document the projects allowed anonymity whilst respecting the sensitive nature of the spaces co-created during the process. I spent two weeks documenting both projects, then went back to my studio where I worked on collating the drawings to create large pieces that tell the story of the project through multiple illustrations.

The work is currently being exhibited in both Okehampton and Paignton Libraries, Devon.

"We were thrilled when Sorrel agreed to be a reportage artist for our ACE funded project exploring grief and loss in communities in Torbay and rural Devon.  Sorrel visited a number of sessions and was a discreet and welcomed observer, capturing in anonymised form the project as it was taking place.  She was adaptable when elements of the project were having to change and was communicative, personable and took time to understand what we wanted to achieve.  They say a picture paints a thousand words and with Sorrel's insightful reportage this has never been more true...the images are a testament to the process and impact of the project in a way written text just wouldn't have covered".

- Emily Macaulay

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